ROI Estimates for Vendor Oversight

There are many way to perform suspect analytics in advance of a revenue optimization project. Some methods will yield a seemingly great result, others not so much. How confident do you feel when reviewing your vendor’s calculations? Or are the calculations completely shrouded in a mysterious black box?

Real-time ROI Estimates by Vendor and by Provider Group

Mile High Healthcare Consulting will clear the air—we will test ROI the correct way, using the proper statistical techniques and appropriate comparison populations. We will shed light on why particular members or charts were targeted, and help you ask the right questions and get reasonable answers from your vendors.

Calculating ROI correctly and equitably is complicated, requiring solid multivariate statistical models.  It requires more than a “risk score today” vs. “risk score yesterday” comparison– to generate an accurate ROI. One must control for events beyond the vendor’s intervention (e.g., data is constantly streaming in from encounters).  Below is one sample of the kind of report we can produce on an ongoing basis to increase the likelihood that a plan or issuer can ensure an accurate risk score and the resulting premium payments:

You have too much at stake to rely on inaccurate vendor estimates.  If you have concerns about the level of return from your current suspect analytics, Mile High Healthcare Consulting can do the detailed ROI analysis you need to better predict your revenue streams.

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