Practical Analytics Approach

At MHHC we are acutely aware that over the years, organizations have wasted millions of dollars on consultants who delivered recommendations that could not be practically implemented, and that is not what we are about.

We bring both a unique skills set as well as a unique mindset to the business of predictive analytics in healthcare.

All of our team members have a three-fold expertise, including:

We are policy wonks with in-depth knowledge of the continuously evolving statutory and regulatory environment surrounding government-regulated health programs

We understand the day-to-day challenges of both providers and plan operators

We have deep expertise in healthcare data and healthcare predictive modeling

Because we understand data and manipulate it ourselves, Mile High ensures the validity of the results from analytics and the applicability of those results to our clients’ objectives.

Many vendors excel in one of the above areas, but few are focused on all three.  This is why so many recommendations don’t make it to the implementation phase.  At Mile High, we don’t believe in analysis for analysis sake, each project is designed and executed to yield specific financial or member process of care benefits for our clients.

Practical outcomes that can be put to work immediately such as:

  • Suspect Analytics that help organizations identify targets for retrospective chart review or prospective in-home assessments so you can identify gaps and improve risk score accuracy
  • RAPS-EDS Reconciliation that helps you identify gaps in your RAPS or EDS data and fix them before submission so that your Medicare-Advantage premium is consistent with your members’ illness burden
  • Stars and Commercial Exchange Analytics that help you create data-driven quality improvement strategies with confidence
  • Value-based payment analytics combine utilization metrics, risk adjustment, and quality measurement analytics to support provider network design, member care improvements, and product pricing

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