Richard Lieberman, Chief Data Scientist (aka “Mad Scientist”)

Richard Lieberman is one of the nation’s leading strategic experts on population health analytics, quality improvement strategies, financial modeling, performance measurement, and risk adjustment in the managed care industry. Since 1991, he has been active in the design and implementation of quality measurement systems, risk adjustment models, and risk-adjusted payment systems for all lines of business. These strategic insights are coupled with detailed operational knowledge of risk adjustment revenue optimization strategies, quality measurement/quality improvement activities, provider profiling, provider reimbursement strategies, and information systems design. Mr. Lieberman’s biggest professional satisfaction comes from finding effective solutions requiring the application of analytical methods utilizing very large administrative and clinical databases.

Mr. Lieberman has extensive experience in performing, applying, and interpreting predictive analytics. Leveraging his extensive clinical background as a coordinator of clinical trials, critical care technician, emergency department technician, and advanced life support paramedic, he builds clinically-oriented deterministic or probabilistic models relying on claims, pharmacy and clinical laboratory result data. His statistical modeling approaches usually rely on ordinary least squares regression, logistic regression, and propensity score matching. His clinical background enables him to discuss and explain complex health care financing topics and regulatory schemes directly to clinicians. Harnessing his training in public policy analysis and health services research, he is able to synthesize legal jurisprudence, clinical literature, theoretical texts, and modern public policy development into forms that can be communicated to clinicians and business leaders.

As a “data scientist” who writes algorithms and code to traverse very large amounts of data, Mr. Lieberman subsequently serves as an “artist-explorer” navigating content and synthesizing findings. With 20 plus years of information technology experience as an applications programmer, data warehouse designer, and business intelligence system developer, he is able to produce unique analytical work products as well as to direct the work of other analysts and programmers.

He has been the voice of health care reform informing managed care plans to promote a variety of integration strategies, including but not limited to: 1) payer-provider collaboration efforts centered around education and engagement; 2) meaningful population health analytics that accurately measure cost of efficiently provided care; 3) the need for issuer focus on product integration across lines of business (e.g., Medicaid and individual/small-group); and 4) the integration of quality improvement and risk score optimization strategies. As a thought-leader on quality measurement and performance improvement strategies for plans seeking to maximize their quality measurement ratings, he is invited regularly to present insights to participants at industry conferences and webinars.

Duke Owen, Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Owen has thirty years of experience in scientific research, SAS reporting and analytic work within public and private sectors.  Mr. Owen possesses an extensive expertise in ETL, data governance, data management, the NCQA HEDIS certification process and quality measure calculation, CMS Star ratings system, PQA technical specifications, as well as risk adjustment and targeting methodologies.  Interactions with the health plans and his managed teams have made him a valuable resource to the health plans as he navigates the changes in the developing markets, including Medicare-Advantage plans and commercial health benefit exchanges.  For the Mile High team, Mr. Owen is the operational driver behind the development of our Cortex-QM quality improvement simulator software.  He also directs the efforts of our analytic and software development teams.  Mr. Owen possesses a unique and effective communicating skill with health plans, supporting their efforts for clear and effective answers.  Mr. Owen’s unique blend of government, academic, private industry, and health care plan experience, enhanced by “hands on” team management skills, make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Tracy Lieberman, Managing Director, Revenue Management

Tracy Lieberman is our revenue management operations consultant, serving as a liaison between plans and revenue management vendors. Ms. Lieberman is a seasoned executive with broad experience operating a vendor enterprise, supporting government-regulated Medicare Advantage Plans. At Mile High Healthcare Consulting, Ms. Lieberman most recently coordinated a medical record review project on behalf of an Exchange CO-OP issuer. In 2006 she co-founded and developed a consulting and software development firm, Health Data Essentials, Inc., from a two person operation to 31 employees. Under Ms. Lieberman’s leadership, revenues grew from $100,000 annually to $2.5 million in 2012. HDE provided consulting and business process outsourcing services to Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid health plans. She was in charge of managing retrospective and prospective projects, including HEDIS chart retrievals. Ms. Lieberman managed HDE’s medical record technicians and coders, analyzing productivity and quality control. Health Data Essentials, Inc. was acquired by Peak Health Solutions in October 2012.

In addition to specific experience managing projects geared to risk adjustment revenue management, Ms. Lieberman is a skilled at overall small business operations overseeing marketing, brand development, finance, human resources and policy documentation.

Richard Ferrans, MD, ScM, Senior Clinical Consultant

Dr. Ferrans is the founder of Value Based Care Transformation Consulting based in Chicago. He is a twenty year veteran in the world of healthcare delivery, management, quality improvement, IT and policy. Dr. Ferrans is one of the handful of physician executives in the country with broad experience as a former health system senior executive, a Medicare ACO Chief Executive Officer, CIO and CMIO, and a Medicare Advantage medical director. Dr. Ferrans advises health systems around the country on transformation strategies, operations and IT to move from FFS to risk-based population health management.

Dr. Ferrans supports Mile High Healthcare Consulting in the area of in-home assessment re-engineering.